Datalogger SolarView

It is a universal datalogger that communicates with more than 150 models of inverters of the main manufacturers present in the Brazilian market.

The SolarView Datalogger is the first universal datalogger developed and manufactured in Brazil. With it, it is possible to monitor the entire portfolio of power plants in a single interface.

SmartMeter SolarView

It is an intelligent metter that measures electric quantities in mono or polyphase circuits and allows monitoring of information about energy generated, consumed or injected into the grid.

With SmartMeter SolarView, it is possible to obtain the energy balance of photovoltaic plants and manage energy credits.

SolarView Web

SolarView WEB is the customizable WEB interface that allows the integrated monitoring of all the plants monitored by the SolarView products. In it, the owners of the plants accompany the energy saving information among others, while the integrators manage Of the entire power plant portfolio.