The best solution for power management

Power Generation

Know all the details of your photovoltaic plants like production, status and events.

Energy consumption

Track the power consumption of the consumer units and the consumption profile of your customers.

Network Consumption and Injection

Know the amount of energy consumed in the network and injected into the network and the net measurement before the energy bill arrives.

Optimized Maintenance

Perform diagnostics remotely. Move the maintenance team only when needed.

Energy you produce, you command!

Check out on our website all the advantages of using SolarView, the best monitoring tool for photovoltaic management and generation!

Is it difficult to manage information across multiple interfaces?

With SolarView you manage all the plants in an integrated way

The SolarView universal datalogger Communicates with over 150 inverter models Of the main manufacturers in the market And integrates the information of all the plants in a single Interface that can be customized with your logo.

Errors of reading and doubts about consumption of your clients?

With SolarView you monitor the complete energy balance of your portfolio.

The Smartmeter SolarView allows monitoring of the connection with the network. Together with the datalogger, you can view all the portions of energy involved generation and consumption processes. This way, you know the measurement value of the unit before the energy bill arrives.

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